Would you like it if organic chemistry came easy to you?

I can help you make that a reality with this special summer promotion.

Most of organic chemistry is a handful of repeating pillar principles being applied over and over. If you can learn how to recognize the repetition and apply the principles appropriately, you will probably be stunned by how logical, sensible, intuitive, and repetitive the course actually is.

One of the best aspects of ​understanding how to do this is you will be able to quickly ​understand how to work with new material as it comes your way. This is because the new material is just more of the old material.

Reminds me of that Roger Daltrey lyric: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!!!" from the Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again'.

After 15 years of tutoring and teaching organic chemistry full-time, I am developing a program that aims to teach students these pillar principles and how to apply them so (ideally​) organic chemistry becomes an easy class. 

This sounds like a lofty goal, but I’m hell-bent on making it happen.

I’m getting pissed off by how many students keep on struggling with this course when it doesn’t need to be this way.

We can help each other.

I’m trying to put together a program that a student ideally completes before their course begins. It's much easier to learn the stuff before being blasted by the stress of the actual course, ESPECIALLY a summer course. It's also easier for me to work with someone who isn't fighting me with comments like, "But that's not how we learned it in class." My hope is a student can complete my program leisurely in about 2 weeks, but I need to work with some committed students to find out for realsies what's up.

What I'm looking to test this summer goes beyond tutoring in the manner I'm used to delivering. Students working with me ​will benefit from what I have to offer, I know that because I've been delivering that for 15 years. But I need to test out this new program I am developing, and anyone who is a part of this pilot group is going to be expected to do more than just show up and fog a mirror.

Does this describe you?

​I'm hoping to get about 10 students onboard this summer to be a part of this program. The qualifications for being a participant are:

  • You are taking organic chemistry at Harvard this summer (2019).
  • You are looking to get a head start before your course begins on June 24th. The deadline for signing up for my program is June 10th.
  • ​You are planning to work with a professional tutor who knows the Harvard summer programs (S-17 and S-20AB) inside-out.
  • You will be in the Cambridge area before the course begins so we can meet in person and I can provide you with the materials.
  • You will do your part. There is work involved, this not the waving of a magic wand.
  • You are not a douche bag.

You need to satisfy all 6 points above to qualify.

Additional benefits for you:

​In addition to deriving the benefits of what the program teaches, you will also qualify to have me on board as your tutor all summer and do private tutoring with me for $59/hr if you complete the program as outlined. This is a significant price difference from the usual $75/hr.

Why am I offering this added benefit of the tutoring at the lower rate? Mainly for three reasons:

  1. 1
    I know it's a small number of students who actually take the proactive step to begin coaching BEFORE their course starts. I'm hoping that dangling this incentive ​could potentially encourage a student who is on the fence to go ahead and contact me and become part of this program.
  2. 2
    I'm hoping it helps ensure you actually complete the program before June 24th. See, here's what I'm NOT looking for: student thinking they can just come aboard the program and not actually complete it, yet think they have found a crafty loophole into working with me all summer for $59/hr instead of $75/hr. No, that's not how this works. You need to actually complete the program BEFORE the course begins on June 24th to be qualified for that rate all summer.
  3. 3
    Part of why I'm doing what I'm doing this summer is I need to see with my own eyes how this plays out. That means I need students who plan to stick around all summer so I can see their evolution and results. The reduced rate is an acknowledgement that I recognize you are helping me with my "product research" as I help you kick organic chemistry's ass.

Sure, in my perfect world, I create a program that you do before the course begins and you spend the rest of the summer laughing at how easy organic chemistry can be! I show you everything you need to ​transform into an organic chemistry rock star, and you take it from there without needing any further input from me.

As much as I hope to eventually create that kind of outcome, the reality is that probably won't happen solely by using my program, ESPECIALLY during Harvard summer. Even students of the past who were crushing the class and going on to become organic chemistry TFs still benefited by having me there to help them get through it smoother.

​Avoid becoming the organic chemistry dumpster fire.

​I want you walking in to the lecture hall on June 24th with the confidence that you ALREADY KNOW how to approach organic chemistry with sensibility. Building some confidence before the course begins is always a good thing, but even more important is getting you to understand how to approach the course with a method that leads to success.

One of the biggest reasons students turn into dumpster fires is because they don't understand how to approach the course in a way that leads to success. When the you-know-what is hitting the fan, there's usually not enough time to figure it out while more material piles on. This is even more of a problem during the summer because of the condensed schedule.

​Don't let this be you.

The Program:

The program is a series of short modules I have created. The modules are meant to be easy to follow so you can work on them on your own. Material is presented in a style that hopefully doesn't make you want to barf, and much of it ​emphasizes areas that years of experience have taught me cause the most devastation for students.

​A goal of mine is for students to find the modules compelling and not be complaining that it feels like a textbook.

​Practice problems are included as you go, and then there are quizzes​ at the end of the modules that are intended to help you ensure you are assimilating the material in the way that allows you to answer problems like a boss.

We would meet up in person, I'd provide you with the materials, and then you would start in on your own. That doesn't mean I skip town and leave you unsupported. The part about ensuring you complete the program would be handled by you submitting the end-of-module quizzes to me so I can see your progress and assist you with guidance. Submitting the quizzes to me can be handled by emailing me a PDF of the work you do.

Then hopefully, we both get the satisfaction of you walking in to summer ochem ready to TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!

​Cost of Program: $99

It will be $99 to become a member of this program. Here's what's included:

  • Modules I made.
  • Email interaction back-and-forth for you submitting quizzes to me and me getting back to you with info, answers, guidance, etc​. prior to the start of the summer course June 24th.
  • 1 hour of private tutoring where we get together and handle your organic chemistry needs. When we do that is up to you; it can be during the period you are working on the program, or if everything is clicking smoothly, it can be once the actual class begins.

​The additional private tutoring you would do for the rest of the summer would then be $59/hr providing you complete this program before June 24th.

​If all this sounds good to you, email me.

Don't miss out, you have to be on board by June 10th if you're going to be a part of this.  To get it going, email me.

Just make sure you get a little message indicating the email went through after you click that 'send message' icon below. You should also get an auto-generated email saying I will write to you shortly. This is new for my website to use these types of contact fields, and when I test it myself, sometimes it seems to delay the action of showing the message went through. My fear is students could be contacting me, yet the message doesn't go through and then everyone loses out because of glitchy technology.

Let's conquer the savage beast known as organic chemistry!