Why Pay for Tutoring?

Yes, working with me – a professional organic chemistry tutor – is not free. It took me literally thousands of hours to develop the skills I have today that enable me to help you like a rock-star.

The choices we make today determine our lives tomorrow. When it comes to taking action on your organic chemistry well-being, don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

The majority of my students come to me after they painfully discover that free online organic chemistry tutorial videos, books like “Organic Chemistry as a Second Language”, and peer tutors / inexperienced tutors were perhaps somewhat helpful, but not the complete answer to doing well on exams.

Part of the challenge with organic chemistry is that individual concepts may seemingly make sense in “small, bite-size pieces”, but this does not ensure mastery of larger-picture application.

You get what you pay for.

I get it – everyone wants to save money and be a “do-it-yourselfer”.

Also, students who are brand new to academic struggle typically expect their past academic excellence has given them the skills to figure it out.

Unfortunately for most students in this situation, things continue to get worse without intervention because organic chemistry is unlike any other course they have likely taken.

And what makes this situation especially treacherous is the fact that organic chemistry keeps on building upon itself; being lost on today’s information will ensure even greater struggle tomorrow because you never stop using the past material.

Not all tutors are the same. We can say this about any profession. We hear stories all the time about people flying across the world to have surgery with a specific specialist; Olympic athletes are very selective about whom they seek coaching with; and when legal problems arise, people are extremely discerning about whom they seek for legal counsel.

What do all of the above examples have in common? Awareness that when the stakes are high, you want the best looking out for you.

Working with a professional tutor:

If you have never worked with a professional tutor, you likely don’t know the true benefit and value. I’m not being a “carnival-barker” when I tell you that many of my past students who had worked previously with professional tutors in other subjects and understood the tutoring market often told me they were shocked I wasn’t charging more.

Believe me, I work with a lot of straight-A students . . . there’s a reason why most students struggle with this class, and part of it has to do with the fact that organic chemistry is not a “do-it-yourself” type of subject for learning in one or two semesters. It may seem like the simplest reason for working with a tutor is to get better grades, but there are many more advantages that I have outlined in the next section.

Benefits beyond better grades:

  • Time management: I can save you so much time by guiding you towards what is the most important stuff to understand and what is not. Do not underestimate the importance of this – I will help you eliminate a lot of the guesswork that students get bogged down by in trying to sort out what is relevant and what isn’t.
  • Learning the big picture: I will emphasize the big-picture way that the material ties together, and aim to teach you to develop this skill.
  • Accountability: People are more likely to accomplish things when there are expectations and deadlines to meet. I know it’s easy for study efforts of the best intention to be derailed by YouTube, social media, procrastination, etc. Students often tell me that knowing they were going to see me in our session was added motivation to work on problems in order to be prepared.
  • YOUR questions get answered: You have someone who can authoritatively answer all your questions. Believe me, I will give you much better guidance than your study group or online videos.
  • No peer judgement: I’ve been doing this long enough to know that students often don’t ask questions in front of their classmates for fear of appearing lost, or concern of being judged. With me, you can ask all the questions you want.
  • We tailor things to YOUR class and YOUR pace: one challenge with organic chemistry is that the presentation differs from one school to the next. It is important to address the material in the context and style of your specific class.
  • We accomplish something TOGETHER! When there’s a strong connection, we both feel we don’t want to let each other down and we spur each other on!
  • NOT HAVING TO REPEAT THE CLASS! Be aware that organic chemistry is notorious for students dropping and having to repeat because things didn’t go well. Do it right the first time.
  • Mastery during the class means easier time later for standardized tests: Another benefit of mastering the material during the course is your MCAT or DAT experience will be much easier. Too many students eke their way through organic chemistry in a “binge-and-purge” kind of way only to discover that they are in shambles with this topic on their MCAT and DAT.

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