Cancellation and No-Show Policy

The #1 rule is don't be a douchebag.

If you scheduled an appointment with any other service providing professional (doctor, dentist, dance coach, physical therapist, etc.), you would be expected to be at the appointment and be accountable for the time that the professional has set aside for you.

The cancellation and no-show policy is meant to be a deterrent for students thinking it's okay to be inconsiderate to me. The policy is not in place to ensure I get paid even if we don't actually do our session.

Honestly, I feel a little slimy with that exchange where I get paid for services technically not rendered. That being said, I believe people need to be accountable for their actions and deal with the consequences for their behavior.

Students need to understand that there is usually additional work and planning I need to do for them before our session. Also, I have a life I'm trying to live in addition to being The OChem Tutor, so last minute cancellations impact more than just the time slot we were meant to meet.

My policies below are about as lenient as possible without me being a total doormat, but hopefully the philosophy of "don't be a douchebag" is the guiding light.


  • ​If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, contact me no later than the day before the appointment and we'll make modifications.
  • ​A cancellation is not official until I respond back to you with acknowledgement that I've received the message.
  • ​Cancellations on the day of the appointment will result in a cancellation penalty equal to half the amount of the session of $25. No further tutoring can be done until this fee is paid.
  • ​No-showing an appointment will result in a penalty equal to the full amount of the session. A no-show is the obvious scenario of a student blowing off the appointment with no notice, but it is also defined as a student not giving me any advance notice that they are running behind schedule and then failing to show up for the appointment within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time. Showing up more than 15 minutes late after not contacting me and then offering to pay for the shorter session will not be an option. No further tutoring can be done until this fee is paid.