Let’s Make You an OChem HERO!

Before contacting me, please read the page Will We Click?

If that page did not send you running away ​in horror, GREAT! Email me ​so we can get the ball rolling.

You DON'T want to put this off, because the longer you let things go, the harder it could be to turn things around. You have a very finite amount of time to achieve the outcome you're looking for, and each day you ​don't reach out becomes one more day of information overload and one less day of time on your side.

​"It's time for us to take out the OChem trash together!"

Every winner was once a beginner!

​Time is precious when it comes to this course, so the sooner you take action, the better. If you go too far down that road to ruin, you risk hitting a point of no return where no tutor or coach can save you.

Don't be repulsed by the "less personable" contact form below instead of me just posting my email address for you to use. Having my email address on the site turned into a spamming nightmare where every jackhole company was deluging me with their garbage, and using the contact form is actually a way to combat that. I know the contact form is not as warm and fuzzy as me just putting my email address here, but I promise you once you write to me and I respond back, we'll be using real email, not this nonsense.

Please check your spam box for the initial email response from me if nothing appears in your inbox within 24 hours of contacting me.​ Unfortunately, it is not unusual for me to learn from students that emails from me sometimes initially land in spam until they add my address to their contacts. Of course this worries me that students reach out to me, I respond back, they don't see the email, and then figure I blew them off.

“If you don’t change direction, you may end up where you’re heading.”
—Lao Tzu