Top MCAT Teacher

In addition to my private tutoring business, I taught the organic chemistry section of the MCAT for The Princeton Review for 10 years (and trained new instructors for over 5 years). In October of 2012, I was recognized as a "top teacher in the Eastern Region".

Here is the text taken from the company newsletter:

Top Teacher

In every newsletter we highlight THREE Top Teachers, from the Eastern Region, the Western Region, and the Midwest/Canadian Region.

Offices send in their nominations, and the Top Teachers are chosen from among those. To even be nominated is an honor, as these are teachers who go above and beyond the call of duty to take care of their students and their offices.

The October 2012 Top Teachers (winners of a $20 Starbucks card, a certificate, and a hearty virtual handshake) are..... (drum roll....):

East: Eddie Schiffman, Boston office

Eddie teaches and trains MCAT O-Chem and has been working for the company for over 7 years. He is a member of the MCAT OChem Development team, working to produce the top notch content we see in our MCAT course. Eddie's students say:

  • "Eddie is The Man!"
  • ​"Eddie is an O-Chem genius!"
  • ​"He has an excellent mastery of the material and is very engaging."

Eddie's office says "He is very focused on students; they frequently rave about how Eddie is one of the best teachers they have ever had. Students specifically request to be in his class. He takes ownership/accountability for his courses, entering attendance on time and is always at the top of his game. He has excellent communication skills, and makes sure to have his student rosters way ahead of time so that he can begin to contact the students who are enrolled. He gets his eTime in on time every week and is not afraid to ask how to code something if he is unsure. Eddie is a joy to work with and a pleasure to have in the Boston market."

Great job, Eddie!